Message from Mayor Vassilaki - The passing of David Kampe

David Kampe will be fondly remembered by residents of all ages for his compassionate work to improve the quality of life in Penticton.  In recent years, his name was gratefully aligned with a much needed hospital expansion.  But despite the size and importance of the David E. Kampe Tower, that building symbolizes only the visible tip of an incredible lifetime of giving.  A very private person, most of what David Kampe did to assist others was quietly directed to the recipients of his generosity, a group numbering in the thousands.  Concerts, air shows, hockey games and scholarships for students were all made possible thanks to the kindness of David Kampe.  This week, Penticton lost one of our City’s great patrons and business leaders.  David Kampe leaves behind a loving family, proud colleagues and an indebted community.  His legacy of philanthropic work will serve as his final gift, reminding us of the importance of giving back and the role it plays when building a supportive and caring place we can all call home.

Mayor John Vassilaki