October 1, 2019 Council Highlights

Consent Agenda Item: Release of Items from Closed Meeting

The following Council appointments have been made:

  • Councillor Sentes was appointed to the Okanagan College Regional Advisory Committee;
  • Councillor Sentes was appointed to represent City Council at IRONMAN Canada Working Group meetings;
  • Councillor Bloomfield was appointed to the Community Sustainability Advisory Committee;
  • Mayor Vassilaki, Councillor Kimberley and Councillor Robinson were appointed to the Safety and Security Advisory Committee; and
  • Councillor Watt was appointed to the Compass Court/Compass House Community Advisory Committee.

Location of Regular Council Meeting October 15 – Okanagan College – Penticton Campus

Council resolved to hold the Regular Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at the Okanagan College – Penticton Campus located at 583 Duncan Avenue West in the Community Hall in the Centre of Excellence Building.

Revitalization Tax Exemption Agreements

Council resolved to enter into Revitalization Tax Exemption Agreements with the owners of the following 12 properties:

Downtown EIZ                                                         

135 Front Street                                       

399 Main Street                                             

361 Martin Street                               

198 Winnipeg Street                                           

161 Ellis Street                                                    

99 White Avenue

110 Ellis Street

Industrial EIZ

647 Okanagan Avenue E

192 Industrial Court

2147 Dartmouth Road

2203 Dartmouth Drive


1000 Lakeshore Drive

Civic Event Delivery Method

Council directed staff to issue an Expression of Interest (EOI) to seek opportunities for delivery of civic events with local service organizations or non-profit societies, and report back to Council with options.

2020 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 2019-34

Council defeated the motion to adopt Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 2019-34 and directed staff to amend the percentage of permissive exemptions being granted to 100% in ‘Schedule A’ and review the Permissive Tax Exemption Policy before the next October 2020 deadline.

Notice of Motion

In line with Council’s Priorities, 20 notice of motions related to 2020 budget deliberations were introduced by members of Council for discussion at the October 15 regular Council meeting.

These highlights are intended to provide a brief summary of recent Council proceedings.  The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items.  For a detailed account of the full agenda, including staff reports, other supporting documents and official meeting minutes, please consult the City’s website (www.penticton.ca/council) or call the City’s Corporate Administration Department at 250-490-2400.