October 15, 2019 Council Highlights

Okanagan College Overview

Eric Corneau, Regional Dean – South Okanagan, welcomed Council to the Penticton Campus for the October 15 Regular Meeting and provided Council with a presentation on Okanagan College’s developments, initiatives and programs being offered in Penticton.

Okanagan College Students Union – Student Housing in Penticton

Megan Potter and Sara Wood provided Council with a presentation on the need for student housing in the City of Penticton.

Update on the work of “100 More Homes Penticton”

Linda Sankey and Jude Brunt provided Council with an update on the work being done in Penticton on the issue of prevention and addressing of homelessness as well as the progress made and the challenges that still remain.

Ellis Creek Master Plan

Shawn Kilpatrick, Stantec Consulting, presented to Council the Ellis Creek Master Plan which will guide the restoration of Ellis Creek to restore balance to the channel. The goal of the plan is to return balance to the erosion and deposition by altering the channel slope, width, stabilizing the channel and creating floodplains.

Travel Penticton Q2 and Q3 Update

Thom Tischik, Executive Director, Travel Penticton, provided Council with Travel Penticton’s second and third quarterly updates.

Budget Process

Jim Bauer, Chief Financial Officer, provided Council with an update on the City’s 2020 budget process timeline.

2020 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 2019-34

Council rescinded third reading and gave third reading as amended to “2020 Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 2019-34”, a bylaw granting permissive tax exemptions as listed in Schedule A at 100% of the allowable exemptions for the 2020 Tax Year. A Special Council meeting will be held on Friday, October 18, 2019 at 11:00a.m. in Room A of City Hall to consider adoption of this bylaw.

Notice of Motion

In line with Council’s Priorities, Council discussed the 20 notice of motions related to 2020 budget deliberations introduced by members of Council on October 1. Of the 20 notice of motions, Council supported nine, withdrew seven and defeated four.

These highlights are intended to provide a brief summary of recent Council proceedings.  The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items.  For a detailed account of the full agenda, including staff reports, other supporting documents and official meeting minutes, please consult the City’s website (www.penticton.ca/council) or call the City’s Corporate Administration Department at 250-490-2400.