Penticton Fire Department Reminds Residents to be FIRESMART!


The Penticton Fire Department would like to remind residents of the potential wildfire threat during hot summer months and to educate themselves on the susceptibility of homes and property to fire. 

“Preparation is the key to mitigating the risk of damage by wildfire” says Cpt. Mike Richards. “Take a Fire Smart Assessment Test!”

By following a few simple steps set out by the national initiative, Fire Smart, the risks could be avoided.  Fire Smart Canada is a national initiative that helps property owners living in/and or close to forested areas to be aware of the wildfire threat and offers ways to take action to make their homes and community become “Fire Smart”.

Fire Smart Rules of Thumb:

Zone 1 Home/Yard – 10 metres

  • This should be a fire-resistant zone, free of all materials that could easily ignite from wildfire.
  • Check for ignition points in around your home and yard. 
  • Changes within 10 metres of your home, including the removal of combustible surface material, will have the biggest impact.
  • Remove debris that is easily ignited by sparks and embers.
  • Firewood piles should be at least 10 metres from your home.

Zone 2 Outer Yard - 10-30 metres

  • Thin and prune coniferous trees to reduce hazards in this area. 
  • Regularly clean up accumulations of fallen branches, dry grass and needles from the ground to eliminate possible surface fuels.
  • Prune tree branches within 2 metres of the ground.

Zone 3 Large Yard or Neighbourhood – 30-100 metres

  • Look for opportunities to make a fire break by creating space between trees and other potential flammable vegetation.  Thinning and pruning is effective. Space trees 3 metres apart (from branch tips) to reduce the intensity and rate of spread of a wildfire.
  • Draw on community spirit by forming a cooperative network with your neighbours around you.

For other ways to protect your home, download the FireSmart Homeowner's Manual or visit the FireSmart website - .

Manual -




Mike Richards,
Captain, Fire Prevention Officer
City of Penticton Fire Department

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton