Residents of Windsor Avenue and the ‘K Streets’ invited to consider heritage designation


The City is hosting information sessions for residents of Windsor Avenue and the ‘K Streets’ to explore the idea to designate these neighborhoods as Heritage Conservation Areas under the new Official Community Plan. With this designation, extensive renovations and new homes in these areas would need to follow a set of design guidelines that respect and promote the heritage qualities of these neighborhoods.

“Preserving the character and heritage of some of our more unique neighborhoods was a common theme in our engagement activities,” says Ben Johnson, Special Projects Manager leading the development of the Official Community Plan. “Under the Local Government Act, municipalities can create Heritage Conservation Areas to protect the special historical significance of some neighborhoods and ensure that homeowners can still undertake renovations and upgrades.”

Homes on Killarney, Kensington, Kilwinning and Queen Streets as well as on Windsor Avenue were identified as having special historical significance because of the architecture of the post-war housing and the deep lots and tree-lined streets that characterize these neighborhoods. Heritage design guidelines would regulate the architectural characteristics, building materials, landscaping, and height and roof forms of proposed developments. Homeowners would need to apply for a Heritage Alteration Permit to have their proposed developments reviewed according to the guidelines before work can proceed.

The proposed Heritage Conservation Area is one of six sets of design guidelines identified and drafted through the OCP process. Draft guidelines were also developed for Hillside Development, Intensive Residential, Multi-family Residential, Commercial and Mixed Use, and Downtown High Streets and Transitional Areas. The idea of creating Heritage Conservation Areas and Heritage Design Guidelines was first introduced to the community at an OCP open house in September following the Design Penticton workshop.

“The City is hosting a targeted consultation with the homeowners in the proposed Heritage Conservation Areas because of the unique impact to residents,” says JoAnne Kleb, Engagement Strategist. “The engagement activities will help the City understand if there is interest in creating these designations and what they should consider.”

Two information sessions will be held on Jan. 31 in the auditorium at the library from 3 pm to 4 pm or from 6 pm to 7 pm. Attendees will hear a presentation from staff and have the opportunity to ask questions and complete a feedback form. Residents also have the option of participating in a webinar on Feb. 4 from 12 pm to 1 pm or from 6 pm to 7 pm. Email to register for a webinar. Feedback forms will also be available at and at the library and city hall beginning January 31 through to February 15 to formally gather feedback from residents.

The consultation on the proposed Heritage Conservation Areas is one of the last steps before the City releases a draft of the Official Community Plan, expected this spring. More information about the Heritage Conservation Areas and the Official Community Plan is available at




Ben Johnson
Special Projects Manager
City of Penticton

JoAnne Kleb
Engagement Strategist
City of Penticton