South Main Street experiencing water main shutdowns


Residents living along South Main Street are temporarily encouraged to collect and store some water for drinking and flushing toilets due to supply issues while the old water main system is removed and upgraded.

“The old water main that is being replaced has deteriorated due to severe corrosion and the current construction activity has caused some leaks and resulted in unplanned water shutdowns during the past few days,” says Design Supervisor, Tyler Figgitt. “This situation may continue for several more days while remaining construction work is completed”.

Residents near the construction area are encouraged to collect water for drinking and flushing toilets until the issue is resolved. Should additional water outages occur, repairs will be undertaken as quickly as possible and typically last a few hours.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience that these water shutdowns may cause – they are unavoidable and our efforts are focused on quickly completing the works to replace this important water main.

More information about the South Main Street and Sanitary Sewer replacement project can be found on the City’s website.



Tyler Figgitt
Design Supervisor
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton