Triathlon Strategy set to go before Council


A strategy aimed at continuing Penticton’s established record of hosting world class triathlon events will be presented to Council during their upcoming May 7 meeting.  Based on work undertaken by City staff, including discussions with past event organizers, proposals from a publicly tendered Expression of Interest and the findings of a community survey, staff are seeking direction from Council on the following two recommendations:

  • to negotiate a five-year agreement to host IRONMAN Canada from 2020 through to 2024, and
  • to pursue opportunities for hosting a future multi-sport event

“The recommendations and supporting information that staff will present to Council on May 7 represents several months of due diligence.  With the current five-year triathlon agreement set to expire in 2019, staff took steps earlier this year to begin the process of finding a successor event beginning in 2020,” said Director of Recreation and Facilities, Bregje Kozak. 

“From the start, staff wanted to ensure that any recommendations provided to Council were thoroughly considered, based on a review of several possible options and aligned on matters pertaining to budget, sponsorship and community support.  The recommended triathlon strategy that staff have prepared for Council, which includes the opportunity for Penticton to resume its historic role as a Full Distance IRONMAN host city, achieves Penticton’s goal of continuing its tradition of holding successful, cost effective and pride generating world class triathlon events.”


Projected Cost

The original estimate to host the IRONMAN event was $663,000.  However with confirmed sponsorship contributions of over $200,000 and a further $53,000 in cost saving opportunities confirmed by staff, the resulting net City costs are valued at $410,000.  This includes cash contributions of approximately $299,000 and value in-kind services of about $111,000.

The City presently has $110,000 annually allocated within the 2019-2023 financial plan towards a triathlon event. The net budget increase required by the City to host Ironman will be $300,000. This additional budget increase will be incorporated into the 2020-2024 financial plan, should Council support this event.

For further information on the recommended Triathlon Strategy that will appear before Council on May 7, please review the following report located on the City’s website.




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