Water conservation strongly advised; 15 per cent reduction sought


Penticton’s water reservoirs are dropping faster than normal for this time of year leading the City to request that all domestic and agricultural users voluntarily reduce water consumption by 15 per cent.

“A number of factors, including lower than normal winter snowpack and lower than normal Okanagan Lake water levels, led the City to the point we are today whereby a 15 per cent reduction in water consumption by all user types is strongly advised as we head into the expected dry summer months,” said General Manager of Infrastructure, Mitch Moroziuk.  “We’re asking all water users to review their current water needs and look for ways to reduce their regular consumption.  Whether its personal use, garden use, agricultural use or commercial use, it’s in our collective interest as a community to work together to achieve the 15 per cent reduction target.”

Two simple ways to achieve the 15 per cent water reduction goal is to reduce the total time your automatic irrigation system is operating by 15 per cent or to remove one day of watering from a 14 day cycle and leave all other settings as is.

The Province has declared a Level Three drought for much of BC, including the Okanagan region.  They are asking water suppliers like the City of Penticton to monitor reservoirs, ground water levels, weather conditions and customer demand to assess whether higher water restrictions are necessary for their communities.

“Based on a review of Penticton’s current water levels and sources, the City is following the Province’s recommendations and introducing stricter voluntary water use targets”, said Moroziuk.  “Over the duration of this period, the City will provide regular updates on how we’re doing as a community to achieve a 15 per cent reduction.”

For information on water conservation, including tips and advice, please review the following information on the City’s website:

Water conservation - https://www.penticton.ca/EN/main/departments/water/conservation.html

Water consumption - https://www.penticton.ca/EN/main/departments/water/consumption.html




Mitch Moroziuk
General Manager of Public Works
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton