Electoral approval received for Skaha Bluffs Area Boundary Extension

November 16, 2017

Penticton –  The Skaha Bluffs Area Boundary Extension Application, a proposal to bring a 300-acre parcel into city limits, has received electoral approval through the Alternative Approval Process. The nearly two-month long approval process ended on November 15 at 4:30 pm. The City received 382 valid petitions opposing the application, representing 1.4% of the electors. An additional 10 petitions were received that were deemed invalid as they did not have a Penticton address or a signature. If 2,680 petitions had been submitted, representing 10% of the electors in Penticton, a referendum would be required in order for the boundary extension to proceed.

With the completion of the Alternative Approval Process, a Certificate of Sufficiency has been prepared to confirm the results of the electoral approval process. This certificate will be presented to Council at the next meeting on November 21 along with a staff report with a summary of the feedback collected through the engagement activities. The Provincial Cabinet will make the final decision on the boundary extension once they have received the results of the electoral approval process.



Dana Schmidt
Corporate Officer

Ben Johnson
Manager, Special Projects