Start of Open Burning Permits postponed until November 1

October 13, 2017

PENTICTON – While some areas of the province are lifting the prohibition on agricultural burning, Category 2 and 3 burning in Penticton will be delayed until November 1. The delay affects all residents who have Open Burning Permits, a 2017 Agricultural Pruning Permit or a designated “Special” Permit.

The delay only applies to agricultural burning. Fires in cooking stoves using gas, propane or briquettes, or in a portable campfire apparatus with a CSA or ULC rating (providing the flame height does not exceed 15 cm) are not affected. Outdoor wood burning fireplaces are also permitted providing they are CSA/ULC approved, have been installed as per section 9.01 (C) of the City of Penticton Fire and Life Safety Bylaw 2004-57 and have been inspected by fire department personnel.

The Penticton Fire Department would like to remind residents the high risk of forest fires remain due to minimal precipitation. If you have questions regarding burning regulations and/or permanent wood burning outdoor fireplaces, please contact the Penticton Fire Department at 250-490-2300.


Larry Watkinson

Fire Chief