2019 Budget - setting fees and charges

(Penticton, BC – August 23, 2018) – As part of the annual City budget process each year, all City departments conduct a thorough review of their user fees to ensure:

  • they keep pace with inflation;
  • are competitive with other municipalities; and
  • endeavor to recover the cost of the services to which they are applied.

“When considering City services, it should always be kept in mind that any costs not recovered through user fees, with the exception of the City’s utilities, will ultimately be funded through general taxation”, said Chief Financial Officer, Jim Bauer.  “The application of user fees on some services is a common approach taken by municipalities to lessen the need to fund programs and services via the general tax base, which all property owners, regardless of their needs or use, must contribute to”.

User fees and charges cover a wide range of services and programs.  Changes to commonly applied fees for 2019 include:

  • recreation, fitness park and field rentals have seen inflationary increases (between two to five per cent) to keep pace with the cost of living;
  • a number of changes have occurred with planning and building department fees to recognize the changing environment and current practices; and
  • electrical utility fees will largely remain unchanged while minor increases will be seen for water, sewer and storm water utility services.



Jim Bauer

Chief Financial Officer

City of Penticton



Philip Cooper

Communications Manager

City of Penticton