Approved strategy sets focus for Economic Development in Penticton

(Penticton BC – February 7, 2018) – Penticton City Council has completed the final step in a collaborative planning process exploring the focus of Economic Development in Penticton with the approval of a new strategy spanning the years 2018 through 2022.

Created over several months in 2017 using input collected from a mix of stakeholders including, business leaders, business support organizations, Council and staff, along with feedback collected from the broader business community via a business climate survey, the new strategy outlines five priorities the City will focus on to advance economic opportunities and activities.  These five priorities emphasize: communication, collaboration, attraction, retention and expansion and organizational excellence.

“We initiated a review of our economic strategy last year so we could be more focused and better measure the outcomes and successes moving forward. We met with 100 businesses one-on-one and had several meetings with stakeholders and our Task Force to build the plan.” said Mayor Andrew Jakubeit.

To get work started, efforts through 2018 will underscore improving communication and creating the channels needed to develop strong partnerships with business owners, investors and stakeholders.

“A major priority focus in 2018 for economic development will be investing in enhancing communication within the community and increasing awareness of the key drivers of our local economy, including business success stories,” said Director Development, Anthony Haddad.  “More positive messaging about how incredible our community is and those that make it tick will be a major theme of the work we do moving forward”.

To learn more about Penticton’s Economic Development Plan, download [PDF - 5 MB] a copy off the City’s website.





Anthony Haddad

Director of Development Services

City of Penticton