Bylaw Services Department announces new deployment plans

(Penticton, BC September 10, 2018) – A change in weather isn’t the only thing changing in Penticton this September; the Bylaw Services Department is taking to the streets with a new set of wheels. The department has acquired new bikes and plans to use them for patrolling until the snow comes.

“Traditionally, bike patrols are very well received by the public,” says Bylaw Services Supervisor, Tina Siebert. “They will also act as a building tool for demonstrating just how important the role Bylaw plays in the community for safety, security, cleanliness and a visible presence.”

Not only will the bike patrol enable officers to get to locations quickly or that may not be accessible by vehicle, they will also create more presence in key areas in town that could, in turn, deter undesirable behaviours or activities.

 “We encourage residents to stop and have a conversation with our officers while they are out on patrol,” said Siebert. “Open communication about what is happening in areas that Bylaw is patrolling is key to helping mitigate any suspicious activity within the community.”

For more information or if you have questions about the bike patrols, contact Bylaw Services at 250-490-2440 or email



Tina Siebert
Bylaw Services Supervisor
City of Penticton