Check sidewalks bordering your property are clear of snow and ice

(Penticton – January 5, 2018) – The City is reminding residents who own or occupy properties in Penticton to clear snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their properties.  The Good Neighbour Bylaw requires all sidewalks adjoining private properties to be cleared of snow and ice before 11am following a weather event.  As an additional measure to assist pedestrians crossing intersections, any accumulated or pushed snow near sidewalk corners should be cleared to ensure it does not become an obstacle.

“We all have a role to play in removing snow and ice.  City sidewalks bordering public property are cleared by crews in accordance with the City’s snow clearing priorities while sidewalks bordering private property are the responsibility of the adjacent owner or occupant”, said Public Works Manager, Len Robson. “If the sidewalk bordering the property you own or occupy is covered in snow or ice, please see that is it cleared”.

Unattended sidewalks may result in fines.

“The City enforces its Good Neighbour Bylaw by way of received complaints that lead to either a removal notice or ticket being issued”, said Bylaw Supervisor, Tina Siebert.  “In the majority of cases, after a removal notice is received, the snow and ice is attended to.   However, there are some cases where, despite the warning, action is not taken and the sidewalk remains unpassable.  When that occurs, a ticket is issued”.

Penticton residents are encouraged to report occurrences of snow and ice covered sidewalks to the City’s Bylaw Department within 24hrs of a snow event by phone (250-490-2440) or email (

“There are a number of channels by which concerns involving snow and ice are brought to the attention of City staff, including comments on social media and stories via reporters.  While the City does receive and act on concerns received via these channels, contacting the City directly by phone and email or its Facebook and Twitter accounts will ensure most incidents involving excessive amounts of accumulated snow and ice are received, logged and investigated.  To date we have issued 190 removal notices”.

For more information on Penticton’s snow and ice clearing program, including property and occupant responsibilities, please download the following information guide off the City’s website:



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