City preparing for rising water on Okanagan Lake

Shoreline property owners are advised to take measures to protect property 

(Penticton BC – May 15, 2018) – With snow melt water continuing to make its way into Okanagan Lake, Penticton residents with properties near the shoreline are being advised to take proactive measures to guard against rising water.

“The City has been working with the Province to assess current lake levels and the forecasted rise over the next few days.  Projections indicate a planning threshold of 343.000m”, said EOC Operations Chief, Mitch Moroziuk.  “Measurements taken this morning (May 15, 2018) indicated the lake had reached 342.282m and, by the City’s calculations, is expected to reach 343.000m by Saturday, May 26, 2018.”

Who is impacted?

The City is advising property owners along Lakeshore Drive who experienced water issues in the spring of 2017 to take steps to protect their property.  If draining becomes necessary, please direct water onto Lakeshore Drive, taking care not to create a tripping hazard for individuals using the sidewalk.

For property owners requiring Disaster Financial Assistance, the deadline for applications is August 2, 2018. To learn more, visit -

What is the City is doing?

Starting tomorrow, the City is taking steps to protect municipal infrastructure by installing tiger dams, gabion baskets, rip rap and sandbags across the waterfront from the SS Sicamous to the Okanagan Lake Marina.  With crews and equipment working along the shore, the public is asked to follow all signs and directions and to exercise caution.  Access to Okanagan Lake beach, The Peach Beach and Okanagan Lake Park Beach, including the dog beach and Marina Way beach, will be closed while crews maneuver equipment to offload material.  Traffic may be interrupted periodically; nearby parking will be closed.

Please note, high creek flows have deposited wood debris in Okanagan Lake and along the shoreline. The City will be leaving this in place to help mitigate wave action.

Should members of the public have concerns or questions regarding lake water levels, please contact Mitch Moroziuk at 250 490-2515 or Len Robson at 250 490-2543.




Mitch Moroziuk

EOC Operations Chief

General Manager of Infrastructure

City of Penticton

250 490-2515