City to review options for managing waste water solids

(Penticton - April 13, 2018) –  As a result of changes in the regulations for compost sites, the age of the City’s site at Campbell Mountain, and a drop in the local market for the City’s compost product, the City is planning a review of the options for managing the solids from the waste water treatment process.  Staff will introduce the plans for the review to Council during its upcoming Regular Meeting, scheduled for April 17.  

The City currently composts the solids from the Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant (AWWTP) at the Campbell Mountain Landfill. At the site, the solids are mixed with a blend of ground organic and dimensional lumber waste and composted for up to six months. Once the pile meets the temperature and time requirements, the finished compost is screened and sold in bulk or small quantities primarily to local users.

“Although this simple process has worked reasonably well for many years, facility age, condition, site regulations, marketing challenges, landfill needs, and development pressures have created the need to review operations,” says Len Robson, Public Works Manager. “We are taking the opportunity to look at all of the available options and plan for the future.”

Following the report to Council, staff will issue a request for proposals to qualified engineering consulting firms for the purposes of reviewing existing waste water solids management processes and identifying potential alternatives.  The report will provide Council with a direction or options to consider for the management of waste water solids for the next 20 years.

To help inform the decision-making process, the City is also planning to consult with the community as part of the review.  “We know that the effective management of waste water solids is an important topic so we will keep residents informed, share what we learn, and consider their feedback before making a recommendation. We encourage residents to get involved when the opportunities arise.” Residents can find out more about the City’s process for handling the solids, the scope of the review and opportunities to get involved at


  Len Robson
  Public Works Manager


JoAnne Kleb
  Engagement Strategist