Comment on case - City of Penticton v. Paul Braun

(Penticton, BC - September 5, 2018) – Starting September 11, through to September 14, 2018, the trial in the matter of City of Penticton v. Paul Braun will take place.  The City is being forced to proceed to court because Mr. Braun refuses to comply with City bylaws.

To be clear, Mr. Braun is not being prosecuted for simply panhandling; Mr. Braun is being prosecuted for obstructive panhandling within a ten metre exclusion zone, set by the City of Penticton’s Good Neighbour Bylaw.  This same exclusion zone applies to other public safety areas, such as banks and ATMs.

Had Mr. Braun simply moved his panhandling activities one metre outside of the exclusion zone, or to most other areas of the City, he would not be facing these charges.  Mr. Braun has rejected all reasonable attempts at settlement that would place him in compliance with the bylaw like all other Penticton residents.

“Mr. Braun needs to comply with the same bylaws that apply to everyone else in Penticton.  Mr. Braun is not above the law, nor does he get a special exemption for it”, said Troy DeSouza, prosecutor for the City of Penticton.

This prosecution is part of the City of Penticton’s ongoing policy of stepped up street enforcement and increased emphasis controlling inappropriate behaviours in the downtown area.

The City will be available for public comment until September 10th, 2018.  Out of respect for the legal process, once the trial commences, the City will not comment on this matter until after the conclusion of the trial.




Jarrett A. Plonka                                                                                      Philip Cooper  

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Troy DeSouza

Counsel for the City of Penticton