Economic Development shares successes through Quarter 1 report

(Penticton, BC – May 25, 2018) –  The Economic Development department of the City of Penticton presented its first new quarterly report during a council meeting on May 22nd. The report highlighted key project updates that have been underway in the department, along with results from data collected, and an opportunity to meet local business owners to hear about why they enjoy doing business in Penticton as well their successes being part of the entrepreneurial community.

“This new quarterly report format delivers the first in a regularly scheduled reporting framework to ensure there is ongoing and current information available to Council and the public about the economic climate in Penticton,” says Director of Development Services, Anthony Haddad. “The report is structured to provide an overview of the activities of the Quarter, any updates on the Economic Development team’s special projects or initiatives and analysis of key indicators and metrics relating to business and development.”

A number of different points were identified within the quarterly report which will continue to assist Economic Development with its future projects and initiatives. Four notable highlights of the report include:

  • Provide more benefit to businesses through having data easier to access and be more readily available;
  • The report reflects the desires of both Council and the business community to have greater insight into our economic progress, as evident by the deliverable to create a quarterly reporting framework that could aggregate and better communicate what is happening in the community;
  • Each report will include in-person presentations from three businesses in our community to showcase the variety, entrepreneurship, and quality of Penticton’s businesses; and
  • Penticton’s business community is a wealth of incredible stories, expertise, and innovation which is a function of Economic Development to encourage hard work of industry sectors through story-telling and community outreach.

“Linking with the business community to better understand their needs, concerns and help share their story is one of the most beneficial outcomes highlighted in the quarterly report,” says Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “It is good to validate how our local economy is growing and to hear the unique stories of businesses small, medium and large that are making a difference in their field and calling Penticton home.”

To view the Economic Development Quarter 1 report, click here.



Anthony Haddad
Director of Development Services