Fire Department set to conduct testing

(Penticton BC – June 21, 2018) – On Friday, June 22, the Penticton Fire Department will be conducting testing in the areas of Valley View Road, Sutherland Road and Riddle Road.  The scheduled testing will evaluate fire flow rates for fire protection modeling. 

Fire apparatus will be moving into these areas with emergency lights and, in some cases, sirens, as these tests must be held in context related to emergency events.  Water will be flowing and may be noticeable on roadways. 

“The Fire Department is asking for the public’s cooperation in giving these tests spaces room to work”, said Penticton Fire Chief, Larry Watkinson.  “We thank residents and motorists for their patience while these beneficial tests are carried out.”

No roads will be closed during this event.





Larry Watkinson

Fire Chief

City of Penticton