Getting the lock down on bike theft

(Penticton, BC September 6, 2018) –  With the beautiful weather continuing and many out enjoying recreational activities, the City of Penticton and the Community Police Station would like to remind the public of the importance of registering their bicycles to prevent bike theft.

The bicycle theft protection program, Project 529, continues to gain support through the Penticton Community Police Station detachment area with the station already having over 2,500 bikes registered in a 40km region around Penticton. This program started in Washington State through a realization that there was a need to maintain a registry of bicycles in order to help mitigate the selling of stolen bikes.

 “Bike theft is not inevitable,” says Community Policing Coordinator, Mark Provencal. “Registering your bike with Project 529 can help reduce the chance of your bike being stolen, and, in the unfortunate event that it is, increase the chance that your bike is recovered and successfully returned.”

For more information on Project 529 or to register your bike or to purchase Project 529 decals, you can stop by the Community Police Station at 185 Lakeshore or by visiting  




Mark Provencal
Penticton RCMP Detachment
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communications Manager
City of Penticton