Hospital Room Name Contest winners announced

April 17, 2018

Penticton –  The votes are in and the winner of the Hospital Room Name contest was announced during today’s Council meeting.

With 22.3% of the vote, “Meadowlark Room” was identified as the preferred name of the seven finalists. It was followed closely by “Peach Blossom Room” at 20.9% and the Sun-Oka Serenity Room at 14.3%. A total of 426 votes were received.

“It is a fitting choice for the hospital room name as the Meadowlark is a favourite with birders in the Okanagan and its song is said to brighten anyone’s day. The highly popular Meadowlark Festival is also coming up in May,” says JoAnne Kleb, Engagement Strategist with the City of Penticton. “We want to thank everyone who had some fun with the contest and either submitted a name or placed a vote.”

Courtney Thompson submitted the winning name and will receive a one-month pass to the pool. Everyone who submitted a name was also entered in a draw for a one-month pool pass. Tess Henderson is the recipient of the second pass.

The names will now be provided to the South Okanagan Similkameen Foundation to vet with Interior Health and the provincial government. The review is expected to take between 6 to 12 months before the name is finalized.



JoAnne Kleb
Engagement Strategist