Paul Braun case update

(Penticton BC – May 3, 2018) – The City of Penticton is our home, a great place for residents and tourists alike, in an environment where everyone can appreciate a sunny, lake-front setting with warm, dry weather.  Given our prime location, the City also receives feedback from the public about others who loiter, panhandle, drink, smoke cannabis, etc. on public sidewalks and gathering spaces in the downtown core.  Many of these reported activities are in contravention of the Good Neighbour Bylaw and have been a long-standing source of concern from our business owners and residents.

Based on feedback from you, our community, the City of Penticton has stepped up its downtown enforcement strategy over the last year.  Unfortunately, for some who were in contravention of the bylaw, education was not effective, tickets were not effective.  The Paul Braun case is part of an overall effort by the City to address unacceptable behavior downtown and in the greater community.

“In the Paul Braun case, if the City cannot establish control of its downtown sidewalks around a simple 10 meter breezeway, we will not be successful in addressing other or more serious behaviors”, said Counsel for the City of Penticton, Troy DeSouza.

The City has made all reasonable efforts to conclude this case short of trial.  The Defendant, Paul Braun, through his lawyer, Paul Varga has rejected multiple offers including the most recent final offer made by the City.

For more information, please see the attached letter [PDF - 60 KB], dated April 10th, 2018.



For questions related to the City of Penticton’s policies, procedures and downtown enforcement strategy, please contact Peter Weeber, CAO at 250-490-2407.

For questions related to the Paul Braun case, please contact Troy DeSouza, Counsel for the City of Penticton, at 250-590-1840.