Penticton Fire Department set to host training symposium

(Penticton BC – March 16, 2018) – Over a three day period starting April 6 through to April 8, 150 firefighters from 27 jurisdictions across BC will join their peers from the Penticton Fire Department in attending a Wildland Urban Interface Training Symposium. 

Designed to help improve knowledge of and response to wildfires, the symposium will involve scheduled training exercises involving supervised burning and the active and visible deployment of fire service personnel, fire apparatus and aircraft in the Campbell Mountain area neighborhoods.

Residents and visitors to the Campbell Mountain area are advised that the exercises and training performed is being carried out by knowledgeable experienced professionals, with safety and property protection being a top priority.

“The Penticton Fire Department wishes to thank Campbell Mountain area residents in advance for their patience and understand while this essential training exercise is carried out”, said Penticton Fire Chief, Larry Watkinson.  “The knowledge gained through this event benefits not only our local firefighters and the residents they protect, but also the crews and residents from the nearly 12 dozen BC communities who also respond to events involving wildland urban interface conditions.”

Over the course of the three day event, residents may observe the following:

  • 150+ Firefighters working a simulated wildfire event
  • Fire trucks on roadways
  • Firefighters in your neighbourhood and community
  • Smoke on Campbell Mountain

Additionally, Munson Mountain will be closed for command and control staging locations.  Local roads will not be closed.

Residents with questions or concerns regarding this event are invited to contact

Chief Larry Watkinson at or 250-490-2309.





Larry Watkinson

Fire Chief

Penticton Fire Department