Permissive tax exemptions approved for 2019

(Penticton, BC – September 18, 2018) – In accordance with the Community Charter, on or before October 31 each year, Municipal Councils may, by bylaw, exempt land or improvement from taxation.  The supporting City policy overseeing these exemptions, the Permissive Tax Exemption Policy, states that exemptions will only be provided to those organizations who, by not receiving it, could have their services to the community seriously impaired.  Examples of typical exemptions include, places of worship, private schools and hospitals.

For 2019, Penticton City Council approved granting $415,115 in permissive tax exemptions to 98 qualifying candidates.

“Organizations wishing to receive an exemption for 2020 must share financial information and provide proof they are in good standing with the Society Act”, said Chief Financial Officer, Jim Bauer.





Jim Bauer

Chief Financial Officer

City of Penticton



Philip Cooper

Communications Manager

City of Penticton