Reminder to include contact details when submitting concerns to Bylaw

(Penticton – January 15, 2018) – On January 12, 2018 an anonymous package addressed to the City’s Bylaw Office was received with a letter dated December 18, 2017.  Enclosed were 32 photos highlighting violations of the Good Neighbor Bylaw 2012-5030 on and near the Penticton Creek walking path.

“The City wishes to thank the individual (or individuals) who took the time to document and photograph the referenced concerns.  Bylaw Officers rely on reportings to identify and resolve concerns quickly and efficiently”, said Bylaw Supervisor, Tina Siebert. “We hope the individual who submitted this information comes forwards so that we can personally thank you”.

As some of the information contained in the package was either dated or resolved, residents are encouraged to report concerns as soon as they occur.  Similarly, to assist Bylaw Officers investigating concerns, please include a contact name and phone number when submitting information by correspondence.  Including these details can expedite responses by providing officers the opportunity to gain additional details, directions or dates.

See something that needs reporting?  Please dial Bylaw Services at 250 490 2440.  Wish to send an email instead?  Send to comments and photos to or or





Tina Siebert

Bylaw Supervisor

City of Penticton