Sign locations approved in run up to 2018 municipal election

(Penticton, BC – May 24, 2018) – On May 22, the Committee of the Whole approved staff bringing back a bylaw to establish 13 specific locations where Penticton residents running in the upcoming 2018 fall municipal election will be allowed to legally install campaign signs on City owned land.  Each location will be restricted to 16 square feet of signage (per candidate), along with other restrictions that protect underground services from poorly placed sign posts.

“Election time always brings political signs, and as soon as they start to go up, the City receives complaints”, said Chief Election Officer, Laurie Darcus. “There is often confusion surrounding where signs can be located when it comes to public property, so to reduce that uncertainty, approved areas are established to make it clear for all candidates where their signs may or may not be placed.   Having signage locations clearly defined is a beneficial step in ensuring the success of the election process.”

While city owned land is regulated, private property is not.  Election candidates are strongly encouraged to consider safety and sight lines when installing signs on private land.  Additionally, any sign, whether on public land or private land, that is deemed as interfering with established sign bylaws may be reported, resulting in a potential for fines.


Approved locations:

Skaha Park             

McLaren Arena  Sudbury Beach    City Yards
Channel Parkway  Robinson Park  Duncan Hill     Riverside Park
Front of Library 1099 Main Street    SOEC Site Ellis St. Round-a-bout

North City Entrance






Laurie Darcus

Chief Elections Officer

City of Penticton