Skaha Bluffs Area Boundary Extension completed

(Penticton, BC – July 18, 2018) – During its regular meeting held July 17, 2018, Penticton City Council received confirmation from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing that the City’s Letters Patent had been amended to extend its boundaries to include a 330-acre parcel adjacent to the Upper Wiltse neighbourhood referred to as the Skaha Bluffs Area.  The land is privately owned and was previously within the Regional District of the Okanagan Similkameen, area D2.

About 20 per cent of the land is intended be developed for houses, while about half of the land will be set aside as a protected parkland and conservation area. Half of the area – about 150 acres – is proposed to be donated to the Province as an extension of Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park.

“We are limited by geography for growth, so to expand into this south block for new homes and expanded park area is a great benefit for the community, now and into the future”, said Penticton Mayor, Andrew Jakubeit.

Notable benefits of the boundary expansion include:

  • a greater capacity to accommodate Penticton’s growing population by providing about 180 new housing units adjacent to the existing Wiltse Neighbourhood;
  • the additional land enables the City to expand its tax base, with no negative financial impacts in the long-term; and
  • the conservation of 150 acres of recreational and ecologically-valuable land to the Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park and the creation of additional City-owned parkland and trails.




Anthony Haddad

Director, Development Services

City of Penticton