Time to ‘smarten up’ www.penticton.ca

(Penticton, BC – September 20, 2018) – The City of Penticton is working towards a new, smarter version of the website www.penticton.ca.

“Over time, preferences and standards for website design, access platforms and content evolve.  A City’s website ought to reflect these changes while remaining an easy-to-use tool that connects residents with timely and reliable information about Council decisions, City services and operations that impact their daily lives,” said Communications Manager, Philip Cooper.

In addition to modernizing the website, the City is also looking for opportunities to greatly enhance the functionality of the site with improved access to data and online services.

“There are much more sophisticated platforms available today that easily adapt to mobile technology, integrate access to GIS and open data, and provide greater functionality for users,” said Information Technology Manager, Dave Polvere. “Our goal will be to have a platform that better serves the community’s needs today as well as in the future.”

Opportunities to improve the City’s website recently surfaced through the work of the Smart Cities Challenge team earlier this year. They identified access to GIS information and the development of a ‘community app’ to more easily connect citizens with services as two of the seven projects that would contribute to a strongly-connected Penticton.

As a first step in improving the website, the City is seeking feedback from users on the usefulness and thoroughness of the current site, along with input on its functionality.  Residents are invited to complete a survey at shapeyourcitypenticton.ca to share their thoughts and experiences. The survey will run from September 20 through to October 31.

Residents who register on shapeyourcitypenticton.ca and complete the survey will be entered in a draw for one of two prizes of up to $100 towards the October 2018 utility bill on an active residential account.




Philip Cooper

Communications Manager

City of Penticton



Dave Polvere

Information Technology Manager

City of Penticton