Update on Economic Development received by Council

(Penticton BC – March 7, 2018) – During its Regular Meeting held March 6, 2018, Council received a summary of the current work taking place to advance Economic Development in Penticton.  Areas of notable interest included:

  • The March 1 meeting of key stakeholder representatives, assembled for the purpose of drafting a partnership agreement supporting the collaboration pillar of the Economic Development Strategic Plan.
  • Drafting an Economic indicator framework to collate data from a variety of local sources into a snap-shot view of recent activity.
  • Support from employers seeking skilled labour through attending the Newcomers Career Fair in Vancouver.
  • Retention and attraction efforts that support local employers with hiring skilled and remote workers.
  • Presentation of draft industry cluster definitions to the Economic Development and Prosperity Taskforce.

“While not a full Quarterly Report, we chose to present this update as a showcase of how we intend to keep Council and the public up to date on Economic Development activity. In this report we explain how we are diving straight into our 2018 operational goals of improving the communication flow between partner organizations, supporting retention and expansion needs in our business community and continuing to look to the future by identifying areas of unique strengths in our priority industry clusters. We’ll be bringing a fully-fledged Quarterly Report forward in April.”



Anthony Haddad

Director of Development Services

City of Penticton