Work continues to clear snow and ice from streets and sidewalks

(Penticton- January 3, 2018) – City crews are continuing their work clearing snow and ice from Penticton’s streets and sidewalks.  First and secondary priority areas including main roads, steep hills, emergency routes, bus routes, school zones, collector and industrial roads have been cleared allowing crews to focus attention on third priority areas including residential streets, industrial side-streets and lanes.

“The City of Penticton thanks residents and motorists for their patience over the last few days as snow and ice clearing efforts are carried out in accordance with first, second and third level priorities”, said Public Works Manager, Len Robson.  While City crews are equipped and prepared for snow events throughout the winter, larger accumulations will inevitably take longer to remove.”

Starting yesterday and continuing through today, crews will focus additional attention on clearing snow from street-side parking spots and bus stop pull-in lanes.  As additional equipment may be used during this process, motorists are asked to slow-down when passing through these areas.

“Safety remains a concern for crews clearing snow and ice from roads and sidewalks.  Large work vehicles can sometimes make unexpected turns or stops.  Please approach or pass these vehicles with care and consideration.”

As weather conditions warm up over the coming days, the risk of localized flooding on streets and low areas increases due to blocked drains and storm sewers.

“We strongly encourage home and business owners to be mindful of where they pile snow to ensure nearby drainage systems and sewers remain fully exposed and free of snow, ice and other debris”.

Finally, the City wishes to remind owners or occupiers of any building or premises, including vacant lots, of the Good Neighbour Bylaw which requires them to clear all sidewalks adjoining their properties of snow and ice before 11am following a weather event.  And, as an additional measure to assist pedestrians while crossing intersections, to ensure any accumulated or pushed snow near sidewalk corners does not become an obstacle.

For more information on Penticton’s snow and ice clearing program, including property and occupant responsibilities, please download the following information guide off the City’s website:



Len Robson

Public Works Manager

City of Penticton