A beekeeping permit is required to keep bees on your property in Penticton. This page provides information about the requirements and an application form to get started. Please note a valid beekeeping permit must be acquired before any bees arrive on your property.

Where Beekeeping is Allowed

Bees may only be kept on properties with a single detached dwelling. The bylaw specifies that every person keeping bees, and the owner of a parcel in which bees are kept, must ensure that there are no more than:

  • Two beehives on a parcel of less than 1,000 square metres (0.25 acres)
  • Four beehives on a parcel that is between 1,000 square metres (0.25 acres) and 2,000 square metres (0.5 acres)
  • Six beehives on a parcel that is over 2,000 square metres (0.5 acres)


Any person who engages in urban beekeeping must:

  • Adhere to all provincial beekeeping regulations and possess a valid beekeeping permit, which must be procured prior to any bees arriving on the property.
  • You must be a resident of the property where the bees are kept.

How to Apply for a Permit

  1. Submit a complete beekeeping permit application form to the Animal Shelter Manager.
  2. Provide written consent from the property owner, if applicable.
  3. Pay the application fee as found in the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Download the Beekeeping Permit Application Form


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