Bid Opportunities

Learn about the open bid process and how your business can apply to become a supplier to the City of Penticton. Visit our Open Bid Opportunities page or our procurement portal for a list of open bids.

We provide centralized procurement services for the acquisition of goods and services using a competitive process that ensures all suppliers are given fair and equal opportunity to do business with the City of Penticton.

How to Do Business with Us

Suppliers and contractors are responsible for monitoring the City’s website for bid opportunities.  

Business with the City of Penticton

Any person, business or corporate entity, under most circumstances, is eligible to become a City supplier. 

While the City cannot support a program that provides a preference for Penticton-based companies, we do appreciate doing business with local companies and encourage them to compete for the City’s business. 
As required by trade agreements, the City will select the supplier that provides the best value to the City and the taxpayers of Penticton. If there is no difference in value between suppliers, the City will give preference to local businesses. 

The City of Penticton’s Procurement and Inventory Services department purchases of goods and services through accountable and transparent processes. A Procurement Policy establishes the overall direction and general principles that the City follows in the procurement of goods and services. 

Frequently Asked Questions