Hazardous Materials

Aged Buildings (32 years or older)

For aged buildings (pre-1990 or older), The City of Penticton has implemented procedures to ensure all building activities within the City are undertaken in a safe, reasonable and sustainable manner in order to ensure the safety of workers, homeowners and the public.

WorkSafeBC Regulations

WorkSafeBC requires that a Hazardous Materials Survey be completed for any buildings that are undergoing demolition, renovation or additions that were built prior to 1990.   This applies to commercial and residential projects.  Homeowners performing minor works, please contact the Building Department to see if scope of work triggers HazMat Survey.

According to WorkSafeBC, “hazardous material” refers to a hazardous substance or material containing a hazardous substance and can include: asbestos, lead (or other heavy metals) and toxic, flammable or explosive materials, etc.

The qualified professional must thoroughly inspect the structure and test any materials in question and then compile a written report detailing their methods, findings and resolution. The Hazardous Materials Survey (HazMat Survey) must be included in the application package submitted to the City of Penticton and will be reviewed by staff to ensure the scope of the survey corresponds to the work applied for on the building permit application form.  When conducting the Hazmat survey, if hazardous material are detected, a notice of project with WorkSafeBC must also be submitted.   The hazardous materials detected must be disposed of safely and properly abated.  A qualified professional will provide a letter of clearance once the area is safe.  The City of Penticton requires a copy of the clearance letter in order for staff to enter the property.  

Hazardous Materials

Commonly found in homes constructed prior to 1990 are hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead and mercury.  If not dealt with properly, these hazardous materials can cause serious health implications to people that are exposed to them. The City of Penticton has an issued building bulletin that covers the necessary information to understand hazardous material process, potential risks and how to keep yourself, as well as the people around you safe. 


The RDOS has shared a list of self-identified contractos for Demolition Hazardous Assessment/Abatement.  This list is provided for convenience, The City of Penticton does not guarantee work or qualifications.  Contractors are required to have  City of Penticton Business Licence or hold a Intercommunity Business Licence Okanagan South.