Carriage Houses

Are you thinking of adding a carriage house to your property? A carriage house is a separate, secondary living space that’s located on the same property as a principal dwelling. To be considered as a carriage house, the space needs to have its own kitchen, bathroom and living space. It may be purpose built or a conversion of a pre-existing accessory building. Carriage houses cannot be sold separately.

Building or Renovating: What to Consider

Before building your carriage house, a development permit is required. This is to ensure the form and character of the carriage house meets the City's design guidelines and will be well integrated with the surrounding neighbourhood. Be sure to book your free pre-application meeting so City staff can evaluate your situation and make recommendations if needed. Also note that to rent out your carriage house, a business licence is required.

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Next Steps: Permits & Licensing

Once you have confirmed your property is eligible for a carriage house, you can start taking steps towards having it built.  There will be planning and building permit applications, construction and inspections before anyone can occupy the space.  The steps below outline the process for building a carriage house.

Additional Building Permit Information

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