Landscaping, Pools & Water Features

If you’re planning to add a pool or water feature to your property, or enhancing your landscaping, contact us before you get started. This is important to ensure compliance with grading, drainage and retaining regulations for projects including:

  • Paved parking areas or new driveway access to street
  • Outdoor fireplaces or kitchens
  • Any construction or minor work near sensitive areas such as wetlands, creeks, steep slopes or infill areas (established neighbourhoods) may still require a review

About Your Building Permit

Pools, Ponds and Water Features

Proper fence security and supervision could prevent severe injury, or even death, due to swimming pool accidents. Read the full Pool Permit Bulletin for details.

Permits ensure that the placement of the pool limits:

  • unsupervised entry
  • nuisances to neighbouring properties (placement of pool equipment)
  • risks to structures or sensitive areas such as steep banks, riparian areas or covenants
  • zoning regulations pertaining to pool location and equipment

Permit Fees and Timelines

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