Pre-Application Meetings

Are you planning a new development for commercial, industrial, multi-dwelling or in-fill development?  Maybe moving your business to a new location, or changing your business operations?

The scope of your proposed work can include:

  • New Buildings,
  • Renovations, additions or
  • A change of use in commercial space - i.e. from office to restaurant.

Step 1: Prepare for Your Meeting

Before you get started, please complete our Pre-Application intake form and gather the necessary drawings, sketches, etc.

    Step 2:  Book Your Meeting

    Submit your form and attachment to

    We’ll take a look at your concept plans and guide you towards which steps may be required. Our feedback will give you a better idea of the development process and provide you with better understanding of any design considerations.

    This also helps expedite the permit application process. Keep in mind the more information you can provide during your meeting, the better feedback we'll be able to provide to help move your application forward.

    Step 3:  During Your Meeting

    At the meeting City staff will focus on items that will help you submit a well-informed development permit and/or building permit submission, including:

    • Flagging issues to address, such as variances to the Zoning Bylaw
    • Sharing information that needs to be considered, such as required fire separations, service upgrades, etc
    • Identifying additional required reports, information, or required professional involvement and
    • Sharing relevant City program information such as EV Ready

    None of the comments provided through the Pre-Application Meeting are to be taken to imply or suggest a commitment or decision by City administration to either approve or refuse your proposal. Undertaking the complete Development Permit, Building Permit or Business Licence process is the only way to be provided with a decision by City administration.

    Set Up Your Meeting

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