Property File Information

Property File Requests can be useful when purchasing a property or planning a renovation. The City of Penticton provides access to property records and information related to properties while ensuring that the privacy of property owners is protected. There is no guarantee that the City will have plans or records on file for all properties.

Requests can be made in person at City Hall or by email at

For all requests be sure to provide the Request for Property File Information Form.  Fees to request files, copying and for File Search Letters (Comfort Letters) will be required accordingly. You will receive an initial request confirmation when your form is submitted.

The release of records by the City of Penticton is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Strata Property Act, and the Canadian Copyright Act.


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There are additional fees for copying. If copies of plans are required, they are sent off-site to a third party for copying at the client’s expense. We are not permitted to copy drawings by a professional architect or engineer due to copyright.

Future Property Development 

Specific information relating to the future development of a property or building permit regulations will require a specific meeting with Development Services staff. Please contact the Development Services secretary at 250-490-2501 or to arrange a meeting.

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