Penticton is Growing

Penticton is growing, with thousands of new housing units proposed, approved or currently under construction. We have plotted a selection of projects onto a map to give you a visual overview of current development projects at this snapshot in time. This includes everything from rental housing and condo units to single-family homes. 

Projects in the Works

While housing supply continues to be a major factor facing our community, it’s important to understand the work that has been undertaken to increase the existing housing stock. 

The approximate existing and future house numbers include: 

  • 460 residential units under construction
  • 1,402 residential units approved
  • 2,070 units in the development application process

Housing Needs 

The City recently completed a Housing Needs Assessment, released in July 2023, which showed that between 2016 and 2021, Penticton’s annual growth rate was high, at 1.9%. If this trend continues, the City will have 20,000 additional residents by 2046, putting the population above 56,000. 

To meet this demand, Penticton will need to add 9,200 additional units across the city. Combined with the Province’s housing plan which proposes allowing up to four units on all single-family lots, there is the potential to see change in all Penticton neighbourhoods. 

Council created a Task Force on Housing to review the housing policies in the Official Community Plan and make recommendations to meet the demand for housing in the city. The City is currently holding a series of events across Penticton to share this information and what it may mean for Penticton neighbourhoods. 

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Further Information

  • City Council identified the provision of attainable and accessible housing across the entire housing spectrum as a priority this term. Visit our Focus on Housing page for information on the work to deliver on this priority.
  • For more information about building or economic development within the City of Penticton, visit our Business and Building page.
  • For more details about starting up a business or relocating to Penticton, visit
  • For local market intelligence and industry data, view our Business Data webpage.