Short-Term Rentals

Please Note:

On October 16, the provincial government introduced new legislation that will significantly impact the way short-term rentals operate throughout the British Columbia. 

Staff are reviewing the legislation to see what the impact is on operators within Penticton. The City is not one of the 14 resort municipalities that are exempt from the changes.  You can find more information available from the Government of B.C. regarding new provincial rules for short-term rentals.

If you have concerns or questions about this provincial legislation, you can contact your local MLA or contact the Minister of Housing at 

The website will be updated as the City receives more details on the province’s planned implementation. 

News Letters

2023-11-20 Newsletter for STR Operators

If you are not receiving the newsletter and would like to please send your request by email to . 

A Short-Term Rental (STR), or vacation rental, is a licenced accommodation for a maximum one-month stay. This may include a room in a house, legal suite, carriage house or the entire home. It also includes Bed and Breakfasts (see below).

It’s important that STRs do not affect the comfort and enjoyment of neighbours and the surrounding community. As such, all STRs must have a business licence, adhere to zoning requirements and meet specific health and safety standards.

Apply for Your Business Licence

A business licence is required to operate a short-term rental. This is to ensure safety standards are met and to help prevent nuisances. The regulations provide guidelines to encourage property owners to host responsibly.

Step 1: Determine Your Business Licence Category

Before applying, you’ll need to determine which category best describes your business type.

Step 2: Get Ready to Apply

Bed and Breakfast Licences

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