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As of May 1, the province’s new short-term rental rules come into effect.

The City of Penticton does not qualify for an exemption under the legislation passed in Victoria. Earlier this year, Council did write to Victoria asking for flexibility in the implementation of the rules to recognize Penticton’s unique character; the City has now received a response from the province and there will be no changes forthcoming. 

The Province’s new rules for short-term rentals can be found here.

The City of Penticton is aligning bylaws and licencing requirements for short-term rentals to meet the provincial legislation. This means that as of May 1, 2024, short-term rentals will only be permitted as part of a principal residence. This also means that you will not be able to operate a short-term rental in a non-principal residence, even if you hold a business licence valid for 2024 from the City.  

If you currently hold an active short-term rental business licence for a non-principal residence please email your request to close the account to by May 1, 2024. Annual licence fee refunds will be issued to closure requests provided within 185 days of licence issuance (this date is found on your business licence) as outlined in the Business Licence Bylaw 2012-5020 Section 9.3.2.

Operators who meet the provincial residency requirement will be contacted to provide confirmation that they meet the new legislation.  The City will be communicating next steps for the process in the coming weeks. 

Contact the Business Licensing Department with questions at

Short-term Rental


Apply for Your Business Licence

A business licence is required to operate a short-term rental. This is to ensure safety standards are met and to help prevent nuisances. The regulations provide guidelines to encourage property owners to host responsibly.

Step 1: Determine Your Business Licence Category

Before applying, you’ll need to determine which category best describes your business type.

Step 2: Get Ready to Apply

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