Business Continuity Plan

Businesses faces threats every day, many of which we can’t even anticipate. From floods and power outages to fires, hazardous material spills and other operational disruptions, any of these situations can be devastating.

So how do we prepare? The first step is preparing a Business Continuity Plan, which outlines how you would react to any situation, minimizing operational disruption and laying out procedures so that you can recover quickly. 

Let's Get Started

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare your Business Continuity Plan, thanks to Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen. You can also download theirBusiness Continuity Workbook or take part in a workshop.

Collect Key Business Information

Consider Your Risks

What could go wrong? Identify potential hazards and worst-case scenarios and analyze what risks those hazards pose to your business.

Prepare a Business Impact Statement

Risk Reduction: Mitigation and Preparedness

Hazard Action Plans

Test and Update