Heritage Registry

Penticton recognizes the value of preserving our heritage and enhancing the charming qualities that characterize this community.

Penticton Heritage Registry

The Penticton Heritage Registry was adopted by City Council in 2009 and currently lists 55 sites that are recognized as having specific heritage significance to the community.

The City’s Public Parcel Viewer also has a map layer which lists all the sites and includes the “statement of significance” for each as well as the provincial and federal heritage ID.

Heritage Properties

The City is interested in partnering with owners of heritage properties to protect the community’s heritage assets. Grants are available for property owners for heritage restoration and other incentives, such as fee reductions and tax reductions.

Ongoing Efforts

Penticton's Official Community Plan includes policies which strengthen and enhance heritage recognition, including:

  • A goal to expand the heritage register to include First Nations sites and place, and more modern landmarks, including examples of mid-century modern architecture.
  • Engage the City’s heritage-related Advisory Committee to identify criteria to evaluate sites and buildings to be considered for heritage protection.
  • Expand interpretive signage in historical parts of the city and along trails to inform and educate users about the natural environment, the Sylix/Okanagan Nation and Penticton’s history.
  • Identify and protect trees that are significant due to their age, uniqueness or history by creating and maintaining an inventory of heritage trees.
Address Category Year
Atkinson House 235 Middle Bench Rd N.
Beaton House 984 Fairview Rd Residence
Capitol Theatre 333 Main St
Captain Stevens House 150 Edmonton Ave Residence
CNR Railway Bridge Okanagan Lake Park Leisure
Colquhuon Residence 524 Lakeshore Dr Residence
Cranna House 364 Lakeshore Dr W. Residence
Dredge Shed 1065 Lakeshore Dr W.
Elite Café 340 Main St Commerce / Commercial Services
Ellis Street Cottage 127 Ellis St Residence
Empire Theatre 18 Front St
Erickson Building 245 Main St
Fairview Cemetery 1136 Fairview Rd Religion, Ritual and Funeral
Gibson/Latimer House 112 Eckhardt Ave E. Commerce / Commercial Services
Ginza/Bennett Block 74 Front St
Greer Block 410 Main St Commerce / Commercial Services, Residence
Gyro Park Bandshell 93 Main St Leisure
Herrick/Debeck House 810 Hudson St Food Supply
Kendall/Lasting Impressions 25 Front St Commerce / Commercial Services, Residence
Keyes House 494 Young St Residence
KVR Right of Way No address
KVR Station 216 Hastings Ave Community
Lakeview Cemetery 775 Lower Bench Rd Religion, Ritual and Funeral
Leir House 274 Manor Park Ave Community
Memorial Arena 325 Power St Leisure
Mitchell Block 277 Main St
Moog House 1302 Kensington St
Munson Mountain and sign 650 Lower Bench Rd Leisure
Munson Property 10 Upper Bench Rd S. Food Supply
Murk Block/Dragon’s Den 12 Front St Commerce / Commercial Services, Residence
P.D. McDonald House 558 Ellis St Residence
Palace Hotel 251 Main St Commerce / Commercial Services
Parker House 1205 Fairview Rd Residence
Pelton Residence 570 Martin St Commerce / Commercial Services
Penticton High School: Ellis & Shatford 158 Eckhardt Ave E. Education
Penticton Oxbows No address Transport-Water
Penticton United Church 696 Main St Religion, Ritual and Funeral
Post Office 301 Main St
Power Block/Safeway 239 Main St Commerce / Commercial Services
Provincial Courthouse 100 Main St Government
R.J. Long House 645 Victoria Dr Residence
Riordan House 689 Winnipeg St Residence
Robb House 267 Hastings Ave Residence
S.S. Sicamous 1065 Lakeshore Dr W. Leisure
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian 391 Martin St Religion, Ritual and Funeral
St. Savior’s Anglican 150 Orchard Ave
Sutcliffe Residence 196 Penticton Ave
The Bike Barn/Dyne’s 300 Westminster Ave Commerce / Commercial Services
The Cannery 1475 Fairview Rd Commerce / Commercial Services
Tupper House 230 Orchard Ave Residence