Inter-Community and Non Resident

Do you conduct business in other communities throughout the Okanagan? Is your main office based outside of city limits, but you serve Penticton customers? Find out more about the business licence options for these types of mobile businesses. If you simply need to add an Inter-Community licence to an existing City of Penticton business licence, please contact us (do not go through the online application service).

Types of Licences

We have two different categories of business licences that help serve mobile businesses.

1. Inter-Community Business Licence

If you conduct business in other Okanagan communities as well as Penticton, this type of licence is for you. The City of Penticton is part of the Mobile Business License Program, in partnership with the Provincial Ministry of Small Business and Revenue.

Through this program, eligible businesses will obtain one add-on business license that allows the business to do operations in 19 partner municipalities* (listed below). This is an annual licence that will be issued in addition to your City of Penticton business licence.

2. Non Resident Business Licence

If your business is based outside of Penticton’s city limits, but you will be conducting business within the city, the “non-resident” business licence is for you.

How to Apply

Beach & Mobile Truck Vending

Visit our Beach & Mobile Truck Vending page for information about permits required for mobile food or beach vending operations.

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