Citizen Survey

The Penticton Citizen Survey is conducted to gauge public satisfaction with municipal programs and services and to gain insights into citizen service priorities.

Each survey asks a similar set of general questions, as well as questions pertinent to current policy issues and interests. Where possible, the results of the survey are compared to past findings to determine changes in citizen sentiment. The most recent Citizen Survey was conducted in 2023.

2023 Citizen Survey

The City conducted the survey between June 12 and 30 and received responses from 1,400 residents, an increase of 20% since 2019 when the last survey was conducted. The total includes 322 responses from the random sample that are highlighted in the report. 

The survey invited residents to evaluate quality of life in the city and City services, and provide input on priorities to be addressed by Council. One of the key findings from the survey is that views of the overall quality of life in Penticton remain positive with 61% rating it as very good or excellent despite dropping by 5% from 2019. 

Results from the section evaluating City services were also positive with ratings for 17 of 25 services improving over in 2019, including a 43% increase in satisfaction for building permits and business licensing and 11% for the electric utility. Concerns about bike lanes and social issues in the city were reflected by low scores for these services, included for the first time in the Citizen Survey.  

Crime and safety continued to top the community’s agenda of concerns they would like to see addressed with 44% of participants identifying it as the top issue for Council followed by social issues, homelessness and drug use at 36%. Housing and affordability were also amongst the top four issues identified by the community. Other issues on the radar for the community are climate and sustainability, governance, growth, transportation, sense of community and amenities.

The complete results along with the council report including the verbatim comments can be viewed at 

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