Council Policies

Accounts Receivable Policy

Adjacent Property Owner Contribution Local Area Service Bylaw Policy

Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) Exclusion Policy

Baby-Friendly Policy

Banning of Persons from City Facilities or Lands

Billing Policy

Building Compliance Policy

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Procedures Policy

Cannabis Retail Stores

Christmas Closure 

City Land Disposition

City Manager Grant Approval Policy

Collections/Disconnections Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Debt Management Policy

Electrical Dividend Policy

Electronic Meeting Policy

Financial Plan Process Policy

Financial Management Policy

Flag Protocol Policy

Free Parking with Veteran Plates

Good Neighbour Bylaw Compliance Policy

Investment Policy

Land Acquisition Policy

Liquor Licensing Policy

Live Streaming and Recording of Council Meetings Policy

Logo Use Policy

Meal and Travel Reimbursement Rates

Municipal Grants Policy

Municipal Special Events Grants Policy

Neighbourhood Traffic Management Policy

Open Data Policy - Open Penticton

Park Land Protection and Use Policy

Parks Donation Policy

Permissive Tax Exemption Policy

Privacy Policy

Proclamations Policy

Procurement Policy

Property Taxation Distribution Policy

Public Art Policy

Regional District and General Appointment Policy

Reserve Policy

Residential Automated Waste Collection Service Levels and Standards

Respectful Workplace Policy

Risk Management Policy

Road Closure Permits Policy

Snow and Ice Control Policy

Video Surveillance on City-Owned Property

Year End Surplus Policy