Mayor’s Minute

Mayor John VassilakiMay 27, 2020  

As the City works towards recovery from COVID-19, we thank you for your patience and cooperation. This process is not as easy as flipping a switch. Each phase we plan is carefully assessed by Penticton’s Emergency Operations Centre and follows Provincial Health guidelines.

Speaking on behalf of City Council, we’re greatly appreciative of all the people who are working to help our community build strength. This includes the support groups, business leaders, volunteers who sit on the Economic Recovery Task Force, our arts and culture organizations, and so many more.

The Love Local campaign is a great example of how we are pulling together to support each other and all things local.

We may only just be in the beginning stages of recovery, but we’re moving in the right direction. Stay strong and choose local first. Thank you!

Penticton Mayor John Vassilaki

Restart the City Plan

The City is currently in Phase 2a (as of May 27, 2020), which has involved reopening certain outdoor facilities. The timing of these future phases will be based on direction from the Province, community need and signs of progress. Next stages include:

Phase 2b: Resume activity for basketball and volleyball courts and playgrounds. Restore certain public services at City Hall. Select outdoor facilities (such as soccer fields, baseball diamonds and parks) may be available for rentals and organized use. 

Phase 3: Select indoor recreation facilities (such as the Community Centre, arenas, Cleland Theatre, Penticton Public Library and Penticton Museum & Archives) will start being made available for modified programming and limited rentals. 

Phase 4: All outdoor/indoor recreation facilities open for the ‘new normal.’

All updates involving the reopening of City facilities and services will be posted to our Restart the City page.

City Offers Relief Options

City Council has delivered a package of relief options for residents and business owners. This includes a savings on property taxes, utility bills, building permit fees and more. Visit our COVID-19 Support Toolkit for details as well as for information about deferring your property taxes.

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