Staff Directory

Mayor & Council

Name Contact
Julius Bloomfield Mayor Online
Amelia Boultbee Councillor Online
Isaac Gilbert Councillor Online
Ryan Graham Councillor Online
Helena Konanz Councillor Online
James Miller Councillor Online
Campbell Watt Councillor Online

Senior Leadership

Name Contact
Anthony Haddad Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) 250-490-2407
Angela Campbell Director of Finance & Administration 250-490-2413
Kristen Dixon General Manager of Infrastructure 250-490-2515
Kelsey Johnson Director of Community Services 250-490-2441
Blake Laven Director of Development Services 250-490-2528
Julie Czeck Director of Public Safety and Partnerships 250-490-2372
Cheryl Hardisty Manager of Council and Executive Operations 250-490-2406
Beth McAndie RCMP Officer in Charge 250-492-4300
Mike Larsson Fire Chief 250-490-2309

Accounting & Finance

Name Contact
Vacant Manager of Finance 250-490-2480
Holly Walton Accounting Clerk III 250-490-2477
Amber Coates Financial Analyst 250-490-2423
Carol Lawrence Accounting Clerk III 250-490-2474
Anke Zucchelli Accountant 250-490-2530
Courtney Jones Financial Planning & Budget Specialist 250-490-2408
Bradley Whelan Accounting Clerk III 250-490-2531
Maria Brown Accounts Payable Clerk 250-490-2476

After Hours & Emergency Contacts

Name Contact
EMERGENCY In case of an emergency, do not use this form, dial 911. 911
Report a Power Outage City After Hours Answering Service 250-490-2324
City After Hours Answering Service 250-490-2324


Name Contact
Building Department 250-490-2501
Vacant Building and Permitting Manager 250-490-2505
Doug Gaidica Senior Building Official 250-490-2508
Brian Ehlers Building Official II 250-490-2497
Jo-Anne Carter Building Official II 250-490-2529
Deanna Greer Building Official II 250-490-2506
Chris Doll Property & Licensing Use Inspector I 250-490-2417
Jesse Lewis Plumbing Official/Cross Connection Coordinator 250-490-2416
Angela Harty Building & License Clerk 250-490-2501
Shirley Bond Building & License Clerk 250-490-2488
Shawna Guitard Building & License Clerk 250-490-2501
Melissa Koster Building & License Clerk 250-490-2571

Bylaw Enforcement

Name Contact
Bylaw Services Bylaw Services 250-490-2440
Deanne Burleigh Bylaw Services Manager 250-490-2465
Vacant Community Safety Officer Program Supervisor 250-490-2440
Shelie Best Bylaw Enforcement Officer 250-490-2440
Darren Calibaba Bylaw Enforcement Officer 250-490-2440
Glenn Smith Bylaw Enforcement Officer 250-490-2440

Collections & Utilities

Name Contact
Electric and Water Accounts Utilities Inquiries 250-490-2489
Receptionist Receptionist 250-490-2400
Collections Clerk Collections Clerk 250-490-2409
Delaney Parsons Revenue Supervisor 250-490-2484
Tax Clerk Tax Clerk 250-490-2485

Communication & Engagement

Name Contact
Anna Melnick Communications & Public Engagement Manager 250-490-2471
Shane Mills Senior Communications Advisor 250-490-2583
Katya Irwin Communications Advisor 250-490-2320
Andrea Rendall Communications & Engagement Specialist 250-490-2445

Development Engineering

Name Contact
Michael Hodges Development Infrastructure Manager 250-490-2478

Development Services

Name Contact
Jamie Lloyd-Smith Social Development Specialist 250-490-2512
Sarah Desrosiers Social Development Coordinator 250-490-2434

Dog Control

Name Contact
Elizabeth Bigg Dog Control Officer 250-492-3801

Electric Utility

Name Contact
Draydan Power Manager of Energy and Environment 250-490-2537
Ed Harris Utility Supervisor 250-490-2534
Jason Stevens Foreman 250-490-2337
Cara Weir Electric Utility Secretary 250-490-2539

Engineering for Capital Works

Name Contact
Engineering General Inquiries 250-490-2521
Tyler Figgitt Infrastructure Services Manager 250-490-2522
Chandra Moncrieff Engineering Design Supervisor 250-490-2570
Jonathan Chu City Engineer 250-490-2577
Thao Kenny Engineering Technologist II 250-490-2366
Julie Holowaty Yards Clerk 250-490-2521


Name Contact
Anthony Policicchio Facilities Manager 250-490-2580
Krystie Dorrell Facilities Supervisor 250-490-2580
Jared Spencer Facilities Project Manager 250-490-2373
Lorraine Witowski Facilities Clerk 250-490-2571

Fire Department

Name Contact
Fire Department Primary Phone Number 250-490-2300
Rob Trousdell Deputy Fire Chief 250-490-2317
Glen Fordyce IAF Fire Inspector I 250-490-2312
Ken Barbour Fire Prevention Officer 250-490-2313
Jaime Cobble Confidential Administrative Assistant / ESS Coordinator 250-490-2311

Human Resources

Name Contact
Alex Castley Manager of Human Resources and OHS 250-490-2462
Daniel York Senior Occupational Health & Safety Representative 250-490-2553
Jennifer Mongeau Payroll and Benefits Coordinator 250-490-2472
Lucie Giraud-Telme Recruitment Coordinator 250-490-2463
Shannon Cadick HR Coordinator 250-490-2470
Shawna Downie HR Coordinator 250-490-2596

Information Technology

Name Contact
General Inquiries (IT & GIS)
Dave Polvere Manager of IT and Digital Transformation 250-490-2499
Sean Wood IT Business Services Supervisor 250-276-2491
Russ Philip IT Operations Supervisor 250-490-2495

Land Administration

Name Contact
Sheri Raposo Land Administrator 250-490-2514
Jake Stewart Land Adminstrator Assistant 250-490-2432
Heather MacDonald Land Administration Coordinator 250-490-2519

Legislative Services

Name Contact
Angie Collison Corporate Officer 250-490-2410
Paula McKinnon Deputy Corporate Officer 250-490-2405
Cynthia Stevens FOIPPA & Records Management Specialist 250-490-2469
Hayley Anderson Legislative Assistant 250-490-2473


Name Contact
Dennis Ooman Museum Manager 250-490-2454
Chandra Wong Museum Assistant 250-490-2454


Name Contact
Parks General Inquiries 250-490-2554
Todd Whyte Parks Supervisor 250-490-2455
Chad Henderson Foreman - Amenities 250-490-2458
Geoff Sandham Foreman - Horticulture 250-490-2457
Ysabel Contreras Parks Planning and Capital Projects Coordinator 250-490-2459


Name Contact
Audrey Tanguay Building and Licensing Manager 250-490-2572
Steven Collyer Housing and Policy Initiatives Manager 250-490-2507
Jordan Hallam Planner II 250-490-2429
Heather McDonald Planning Clerk 250-490-2523

Procurement And Inventory Services

Name Contact
Jessica Nagy Procurement Assistant Manager 250-490-2593
Cathy Ingram Procurement and Inventory Manager 250-490-2555
Andrea Marshall Inventory Associate 250-490-2567
Amanda Lust Procurement Clerk

Public Works

Name Contact
Public Works General Inquiries 250-490-2500
Scott Boyko Manager of Public Works 250-490-2500
David Best Utilities Supervisor 250-490-2548
Jules Looy Roads and Drainage Supervisor 250-490-2542
Slade Lindquist Roads Foreman 250-490-2544
David Kassian Sustainability Supervisor 250-490-2527
Wayne Hindley Fleet Supervisor 250-490-2546
Derek Philips Meters, Dams, Irrigation Foreman 250-490-2568
Andrew Dyck Engineering Technologist I 250-490-2566
Steven Sinnott Fleet Services Coordinator 250-490-2540
Rupi Dhaliwal Yards Clerk 250-490-2500

RCMP & Policing

Name Contact
Penticton Detachment 250-492-4300
Community Policing 250-490-2374
Randi Grady Operations Manager 250-490-4711
Ken Rodger Adminstration Manager 250-770-4723
Jo Anne Ruppenthal Restorative Justice Coordinator 250-490-2372
Dede Dacyk Victims Services 250-770-4713


Name Contact
Recreation Inquiries & Registration General Inquiries 250-490-2426
Darcey Godfrey Recreation Business Supervisor 250-490-2428
Jeff Plant Sport & Event Supervisor 250-490-2165
Kerry Wagner Recreation Operations Supervisor 250-490-2434
Steven Roberts Recreation Coordinator - Children and Youth 250-490-2421
Joshua Bibbs Recreation Coordinator - Fitness 250-490-2575
Lisa O'Daly Recreation Coordinator - Sport Facilities 250-490-2437
Carey Swales Recreation Clerk 250-490-2430

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Name Contact
Waste Water Treatment Plant-General Inquiries General Inquiries 250-490-2550
Joel Mertz Waste Water Supervisor 250-490-2559

Water Treatment Plant

Name Contact
General Inquiries General Inquiries 250-490-2560
Alistair Wardlaw Water Quality Supervisor 250-490-2564