Boaters beware of fire crews

Service Announcement

The City of Penticton is requesting the assistance of recreational boaters on Skaha and Okanagan Lakes.

Air tankers responding to nearby wildfires are collecting lake water to support their operations. When aircraft are approaching lake surfaces for this purpose, it is requested that boat traffic visually monitor overhead flight paths and avoid any areas where air tankers can be seen making passes over water to replenish their loads. Recreational boaters or people using other watercraft who try to get a close-up look at these aircraft present a serious safety risk for air crews and anyone else in the area.

As well, drone users are asked to keep away from the fire zones as they are also a safety threat to crews.

Update on general fire state in Penticton
There are currently no wildfires within the boundaries of Penticton. Residents are advised to exercise extra caution when undertaking activities that could trigger a fire. If you notice smoke or fire in any urban park or wildland area, call 911 or the BC Wildfire Service at *5555.