Connected Capital Program applications begin review process

Service Announcement

The Connected Capital Program – which see community and sports groups share more than $700,000 for new amenities on City property – is heading into the next phase.

Applications closed November 30 and 13 applications have been received for the funding. The next step in the process will see staff reviewing the project applications for eligibility prior to sending to the City’s Parks and Recreation Committee for review in January. The committee will then make recommendation to Council on how to distribute the funds.

The Connected Community Capital Program is part of the $7.1 million grant received from the province through the Growing Communities Fund. Council voted to set aside 10 per cent of the grant to allow groups to apply for funding of capital projects on City-owned properties. 

The remaining monies will be distributed as followed: 20 per cent used to fund existing projects that may face inflationary costs; 40 per cent go to projects such as Downtown, Okanagan and Skaha Lake decorative seasonal lighting displays, Riverside Park Skate Park and Basketball court lighting, Urban Forest Management Plan plans and the Kiwanis Pier Replacement; and 30 per cent to support projects in the North Gateway.