Council seeks community mandate on Skaha Marina long-term agreement

News Release

During a Special Meeting held March 31, 2021, Penticton City Council supported the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee’s recommendation to seek a community mandate on whether or not to establish a long-term agreement with a private operator of the Skaha Marina as a means to fund much needed capital improvements.  The community’s opinion will be sought through the following question appearing on the ballot during the upcoming June 2021 by-election.

Do you support the City selecting a private operator and entering into a long-term agreement of up to 25 years in order to fund the marina improvements and provide marina services at Skaha Lake Park?

In addition to supporting the question, Council also committed to abide by the results of the question and, if the community endorses the establishment of a long-term operating agreement, that a proposal will be brought back to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee for review and recommendation before being presented to Council for a final decision.

“Council is very aware of the high level of scrutiny concerning decisions surrounding the future of Skaha Lake Park and concerns about long-term private interest,” said Penticton Mayor, John Vassilaki.  “Through the creation of a clear public opinion question on whether or not there is support for a long-term agreement with a private operator to help fund the needed upgrades and operate the Skaha Marina, and by committing to abide by the feedback the residents give us, the community’s wishes concerning the park’s future will be heard and respected.”

While the process to engage the community in the development of the Skaha Lake Park East Plan was well attended, it’s anticipated that some residents voting in the by-election may not be familiar with the plan and may need information to support their decision on the community opinion question. To assist these individuals in obtaining information, the following resources and activities will be made available, starting mid-April.

  • To learn more - on residents can review fact sheets, copies of reports and the Skaha Lake Park East Plan, plus access a forum to ask question and discuss the topic.
  • Attend a session - online information sessions will be hosted to answer questions about the Skaha Lake Park East Plan and the proposal to fund the recommendations for the marina enhancements.
  • Pick-up material - display information at the City’s engagement kiosks will be available to those who are not online.
  • Voting day - Staff and display materials will be present at the polling stations to provide information and answer questions.

Jim Bauer
General Manager of Finance and Administration
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton