Implementation Of BC Energy Step Code

Service Announcement

The City of Penticton is pleased to announce the implementation of BC Energy Step Code. Over the past 12 months the City has provided engagement opportunities to discuss the implementation of the BC Step Code and hosted a number of workshops to educate local builders and designers. Effective March 15, 2019 compliance with the BC Energy Step Code – Step One is required for applications for new residential buildings as noted:

  • Single Detached Houses;
  • Duplexes;
  • Three-plex Housing;
  • Four-plex Housing;
  • Rowhousing;
  • Low Rise Apartment Housing; and
  • Accessory suites (when part of new construction).

Building Permit Application Requirements

The following documents are required as part of all new building permit applications for Step Code projects:

  • An energy modeling report (typically an EnerGuide report for Part 9 houses) must accompany all building permit applications,
  • The application shall also include energy statements on the drawings indicating that the project complies with the BC Energy Step Code, the climate zone (Climate Zone 5), the specific Step pursued and the required step code target metrics (TEDI, TEUI/MEUI, Airtightness) and the actual values achieved in the model as applicable.
  • Permit drawings submitted must be the version used for energy modelling report,
  • Thermal assemblies & Air barrier details shall be clearly shown on the drawings.

Available Step Code Incentives

The following incentives are currently available for new residential construction:

Step Code Information and Certified Energy Advisors

For more information about the BC Energy Step Code and a list of energy advisor, please go to